Friday, 3 February 2012

stencilled -fabric friday

Playing, with doodles and freezer paper...

stencilling on fabric

...positive and negative...

...stamping and stencilling...

stencilling on fabric and white...

Not the neatest of results (.. in a bit of a hurry) but I did have fun.

hand painting fabric tutorials


  1. Ooooo I like your results!!! Gotta ask how you achieved the subtle black on there as that is exactly what I was envisioning on a project but hadn't quite figured it out yet.

  2. Delicious! And yes - I'm with Terri. Tutorial please!

  3. uhhh. that looks great, how did you stamp? what ink did you use and how did you do it?

  4. Can I join the Total Admiration Society? Absolutely lovely.

  5. gorgeous - and i had a go at your painting with dye today - my hands are blue (from dye, not cold!) and my FQ's are soaking in the bucket - will post when they're dry and ironed - i LOVE dying fabric this way - and now it looks like some more fun to be had with stencils and stamps...


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