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Monday, 17 June 2013

Up Cycled ...Re Cycled...Book Wrappy Thingy!

book wrap tutorial

This is a piece I did a while ago. I am showing you lots of close ups so that you can see the stitching.
It is quite intense!

book wrap tutorial

I was thinking of old crumbling mosaic tiled floors when I did it, but I didn't find it that appealing once finished, and it has languished in a pile of stuff in the attic ever since.
While doing the Embellished Book Wrap it occurred to me that it could be given the book wrap treatment.

book wrap tutorial

Initially I planned to remove the hanging rod but then decided to use it as part of the wrapping mechanism.

book wrap tutorial

I added some machine wrapped elastic, (the same as machine wrapped cord) and a fancy bead.....

book wrap tutorial

...attached it to the bottom and looped it around the rod.

book wrap tutorial
Front View
book wrap tutorial
Back View

book wrap tutorial
Open View

book wrap tutorial
Inside View
Another one to add to the pile for the Quilters Guild Tombola.

book wrap tutorial

Do you have anything that you could up cycle into a book cover or wrap?

art quilting


Julie said...

Oooooh! Gorgeous, I would love to win it! What a great design.

Janine said...

You've got amazing texture in these! Beautiful :)

WoolenSails said...

I love the effect you got with the stitching, great idea of journal covers too, for gifts.


Chris said...

very clever design, being a bit of a book girl I just love it.

Collette said...

Gorgeous! Love the intense stitching!

Gill said...

I love the stitching - it makes a wonderful book wrap!

Nina Marie said...

ohh I like the idea of taking on of your forgotten pieces and changing it into something new. Actually I really like the original piece - I think all it needed was a bit of dark accents - the texture is amazing and interesting - but then making into a book wrap you can get your hands all over that texture! Very cool!

Heather P said...

That's amazing! I love the color palette, the texture -- truly a beautiful piece of art!

Angela Welch said...

What a creative way to rework an existing piece. I love the texture!

Linda A. Miller said...

Just amazing! I love how you have reworked this... and yes, what a lot of stitching!

Sylvia said...

I love the stitching and textures on this piece! I love how you made it into a book wrap. Thanks for the inspiration!

Deborah OHare said...

Thank you Linda:)

Deborah OHare said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Heather.

Deborah OHare said...

Thank you Angela:)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Deborah. Smashing stitching! The trapunto effect makes this piece remarkable. And of course, your choice of colors is wonderful.
best from Tunisia,

Beverly said...

This is gorgeous, Deborah. All that texture and stitching is just stunning.

sonja said...

I love that this art piece now has a new life!
I thought even a very arty clutch or shoulder bag with that overlap.
Wow,that would turn a few heads!