Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bird House

Carrying from my last post, when I began designing a bird house I ended up with all these different parts which was really far too complicated.

First step, Simplify it to just the one piece.

Next, mark out the design in pencil.

Paint in the shadows to give a dimensional effect.

For this I used neat paint, mixed with textile medium (or in this case Aloe Vera gel, because at that time I did not possess any textile medium).
The colour was obtained by mixing a small bit of black with the bird house colour.
Adding the medium/gel allows you to work slowly and accurately with the paint and to build up the layers of colour.

To quote a famous Meerkat "Simples"......apologies to non U.K. readers who won't know what I am referring to....but if you are curious look here.


  1. Brilliant use of paint - love it!

  2. Wonderful tutorial to show your process. I used to do tole painting, so I have done blending by mixing colors, but find acrylics a bit stiff on fabric. I did get some new medium to try, but love the look of water colors and would like to try that on fabric, someday.


  3. You make it look so easy. I'm amazed at the difference between the before and after painting. I paint on my quilts often...but you've got it DOWN girl.

  4. I love it! So simple as you say but so effective.

  5. How beautiful! I was looking for textile medium here locally earlier today, but cannot find it anywhere. I'll try the Aloa Gel instead as I have seen it recommended several places. What is your experience, does it work well enough for quilts that won't be washed?

  6. You make it look so 'simples' !!

  7. Who's a cleaver girl then. It brilliant your on a roll at the moment.