Monday, 15 October 2018

Indian Inspired

This is a close up detail of a piece that I made in 2010 using a technique explained by Jill Kennedy in an issue of Quilting Arts magazine. It involved the use of wax crayons and paper and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. It is a piece that I show in my 'Quilt Routes Around the World' talk and it is probably the piece that I get asked the most questions about.

My inspiration for the piece came from these Rajahstani textiles that bought when I travelled to India in the late 1980's. I had the most wonderful experiences during that trip and despite all the travelling that I have done since it remains at the top of my list for the amazing memories it gave me.

In all honestly I didn't think that I would ever make a return visit but I am hugely thrilled to tell you that I will be going back in 2020!

Would you like to come with me??

Deborah O'Hare

I was approached by the lovely Jamie Maldon of Colouricious at this years Festival of Quilts to see if I would like to be one of the guest tutors to accompany a group on a Block Printing Holiday to Jaipur, India and of course I jumped at the chance.

Full details of the itinerary and costs are available here with lots of great information about what to expect on this type of holiday on the website.

The trip involves a mixture of workshops and sightseeing.
I will be taking part in the workshops alongside you making sure that everyone is having a good time and the trip is fully guided by the Colouricious representative in India.

If you are at all interested then please have a look at all the information available on the Colouricious website.

Naturally I will be mentioning more about this trip from time to time 😊
Until next time...

Quilt Routes

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