Thursday, 10 June 2010

Alternative Poppies Tutorial

I have looked at some alternative ways to create a landscape background and now for a few different ways with the poppies. The pictures speak for themselves I hope, so lots of pics and few words.

      art quilt tutorial

Here I have stitched more detailed lines and zigzagged over some hemp for the stems.

     art quilting tutorial

Stitched grass detail. 
   art quilting tutorial

Scrim and voile.

machine stitching

Stitched centres and more hemp stems.

                art quilt tutorial

Scraps folded and stitched into place.

    art quilting tutorial

Simple stitched stems.

art quilt tuorial

More defined poppy shapes fused into place.

art quilting tutorial

Free machine stitching over the top.

art quilt tutorial

Hand stitched stems with dots and spots of red.

art quilt minis

Finally all the poppyness in one place.


I think I am out poppied now although there is another completely different Poppy piece that you might like to look at here.

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