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Thursday, 4 September 2014


Quilt Routes

After the distruptions of the summer (all good!) it can be a little hard to find that creative routine again.

Quilt Routes

Something that I find works for me is to pull out a UFO of some description and just get sewing.
This is what I did with these already quilted blocks that I made by cutting up a Blah quilt (first shown here).

It made perfect sense to just string them together to make a "Peace" bunting.
As it turns out my timing is right on the mark. as I write this, just up the road the latest Nato Summit is taking place. Below is a not very good shot of one of the military helicopters that have been ploughing up and down the coast here all week. Below that is my beloved Cardiff Castle surrounded with fencing, in preparation for a banquet later. My home town looks like an open prison at the moment and walking around you get a feeling of what it might feel like to live in a police state. We are just not used to seeing police carrying guns here in Wales!

I am well aware that a litle fabric bunting won't do much to influence all the arms deals/peace talks! taking place over the next few days, but we can live in hope.

Quilt Routes

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A late sum up.

Festival of Quilts 2014

I know this is well over now but exhaustion (the good kind) and a holiday means I am only just getting around to this. Above is the calm before the storm, just before the beginning of the show. The rest went by in a huge wonderful whirl. So busy and so great!

Festival of Quilts

The one photo that I did take of my booth in total is blurry so I have put together a little Pic Monkey collage.
A big thank you to all who came by and said hello.
It was a thrill meeting people from all over the world, especially the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Icelandic ladies that came to my workshops (not forgetting the British!) Sorry no photos. A ninety minutes class is pretty full on and photo taking completely slipped my mind.  

hand painted fat quarters Quilt Routes

It was a great show with some outstanding work. I particularly liked the work of these ladies Anne Johnston, Susan Shie and Leslie Tucker Jenison (along with the other work of the Fine Art Quilt Masters) all of whom I got to meet and chat to :D
Time to get back to work!

Quilt Routes

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014

fab friday***

hand painted scrim

A few of the things I have been sharing on Intagram and my Facebook page while preparing for next weeks Festival of Quilts.

coiled fabric bowl

Every time I do one of these bowls I start of with the coil on the wrong side!! (see first image).

hand painted scrim

Put the two together.

hand painted fabric

Plus some last minute sunsets..

***....because I am finished in my Festival of Quilts preparations and I have time to spare :D
Hope to see you there!
Quilt Routes