Wednesday, 14 September 2016

May, June, July, August...

We are already half way through September!

Here are the "finished" Journal Quilts for the last four months. Cropped to view because I still can't decide whether to join them all together as one piece, or three groups of four (when all are done) or as individual pieces.

I might not do anything at all with them as for me the enjoyment of these has been in the actual making and not so much in the finished item, which is probably why I prefer the close up shots of the stitching.

They would however, make a good addition to my 'Tales from the Scrap Bag' because I have kept to my guns and only used up fabric I already have, not painting up anything new. So I probably will finish the edges somehow.

I know I shared this image before but it is my favourite and if you look closely at the finished piece above you will see that I wasn't happy to stop at this.

I am slightly ahead of the game because I have pieced the remaining four months contributions and they are now waiting to be stitched. I do have a very long to do list at the moment so they will probably stay this until about the last week in December!!

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