Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Stylized Landscape l

landscape quilting Qult Routes

This is the first of four long landscapes that I want to share.
Those who follow me in Instagram and Facebook (plug! plug! :D) will have already seen them but here is the first with a bit more detail.

landscape quilting

I just played with the fabric with no real plan in mind, apart from a general colour theme.

landscape quilting

I generally used scraps from other projects...

landscape quilting

...and bits and pieces I have been saving...plus some experimentation with the stitching.

landscape quilting Quilt Routes

I also played around different edge finishes.

landscape quilting Quilt Routes

Stay tuned for ll, lll, and lV.

Quilt Routes

Friday, 26 September 2014


...I could just share another Fabric Friday but instead I am going to tell you about what I has been keeping me busy lately.

I have been teaching my Strippy Landscape workshop with a local group Gwent Quilters.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of travelling to the historic town of Warwick where I visited the Quilter's Den and taught Scrappy Happy cushions

Scappy Happy  Cushions workshop

I have also given my talk Tales from the Scrap Bag to Malvern Quilters ...

Tales from the Scrap Bag by Deborah O'Hare

..and Duffryn Quilters, who don't have a website, but I have just found this delightful You Tube video of their exhibition for 2013. Enjoy some quilting from the Welsh Valleys :D

art quilting

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Quilt Routes

After the distruptions of the summer (all good!) it can be a little hard to find that creative routine again.

Quilt Routes

Something that I find works for me is to pull out a UFO of some description and just get sewing.
This is what I did with these already quilted blocks that I made by cutting up a Blah quilt (first shown here).

It made perfect sense to just string them together to make a "Peace" bunting.
As it turns out my timing is right on the mark. as I write this, just up the road the latest Nato Summit is taking place. Below is a not very good shot of one of the military helicopters that have been ploughing up and down the coast here all week. Below that is my beloved Cardiff Castle surrounded with fencing, in preparation for a banquet later. My home town looks like an open prison at the moment and walking around you get a feeling of what it might feel like to live in a police state. We are just not used to seeing police carrying guns here in Wales!

I am well aware that a litle fabric bunting won't do much to influence all the arms deals/peace talks! taking place over the next few days, but we can live in hope.

Quilt Routes