Sunday, 20 February 2011

This is.......

.........what I was doing yesterday.

fabric painting workshop

Giving a 'Play with Paint' workshop to the lovely ladies of Swansea Quilters.
I always enjoy visiting this group as they are a happy friendly bunch.
I have never been kept so well supplied with tea and coffee!

fabric painting workshop

As you can see we were a bit short on space, but everyone mucked in and we got lots done.

fabric painting workshop

Thanks for inviting me ladies

fabric painting blog

Monday, 14 February 2011

Tag Along

free machine quilting -the back

I have been TAGGED!

Thank you to Heather whose work I love, for tagging this blog.

I was unaware of this blogging phenomenon but the rules are as follows

1. Tell who tagged you. (DONE)

2. Add a link to their blog.(DONE)

3. Award 3-5 bloggers who you think deserve this award.

My choices are Anne, whose work always makes me feel nostalgic because I used to live in Borneo too!

Sandra, who is a very well known and accomplished art quilter, but I love her work so much and I have two of her books, and her blog is so very informative.

And Marianne, because I have completely fallen in love with her "Quilt As You Go" quilts.

free machine quilting

Inform them & post directions to your blogspot. (Will do)

The goal of this award is get more publicity to blogs that are good, but not so well known.

I can't say that the blogs I have chosen are not well known, but I like them and I hope you do too!

The pics are of the back of the work from my previous post. I think I would like to do something in black and white.

art quilting

Sunday, 13 February 2011


This was supposed to be a quick project to get back into the swing of things.

free machine quilting

 It has taken rather longer than I had planned, guess it was all those filler stitches (note to self: not good for a quick project).

free machine quilting

I love the texture that lots of stitching gives a piece though, so I am glad I did it, and I now have a new cushion.

free machine quilting

I even put a zipper in using a tutorial from House on the Hill


When I started this piece, I chose the dark stitching to add contract to the pieces of fabric that were very similar in value.

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