Friday, 26 September 2014


...I could just share another Fabric Friday but instead I am going to tell you about what I has been keeping me busy lately.

I have been teaching my Strippy Landscape workshop with a local group Gwent Quilters.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of travelling to the historic town of Warwick where I visited the Quilter's Den and taught Scrappy Happy cushions

Scappy Happy  Cushions workshop

I have also given my talk Tales from the Scrap Bag to Malvern Quilters ...

Tales from the Scrap Bag by Deborah O'Hare

..and Duffryn Quilters, who don't have a website, but I have just found this delightful You Tube video of their exhibition for 2013. Enjoy some quilting from the Welsh Valleys :D

art quilting


  1. Love all the quilt pieces and I think that would be a fun class to learn the techniques in a smaller piece.


  2. Stunning landscape quilts must have been a really happy class from the lovely colours in the quilts. also great Scrap Happy cushions

  3. Beautiful work! So pretty I can't even pick a favorite! You are obviously a wonderful teacher.

  4. Stunning - wish we were neighbors, being able to take your class. I did notice you have some Craftsy patterns - Have you considered teaching your strippy landscape workshop on that forum? That is the greatest place - This class would certainly be a hit!!