Thursday, 31 March 2011

Moon Gazing Hare

moon gazing hare

I have been working on upgrading the packaging on my Art Quilt Kits. The first one to get the treatment is the Moon Gazing Hare.

quilt kit

I am now using a brown card envelope which is much sturdier than the plastic I was using before, which means that the contents is better protected, and also means that they are now very suitable to give as gifts.

quilt kit

I also now provide each kit with just about everything you need to complete it (apart from thread). This means that as well as the hand painted fabric, template patterns and instructions, I also provide the iron on fusible, wadding, and backing fabric, which means that even those people who don't have a cupboard full of supplies can complete the kit.

quilt kit

Having done this I do hope that others can take my kits and put in their own spin, because I am all about people making things their own, and with that in mind here is one more photo for you.

quilt kit

Moon Gazing Hare kits now available here and here.

textile art

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