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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Beach Huts Mini Art Quilt Tutorial

Need some sunshine in your life?
How about making this Beach Hut mini art quilt.

landscape quilting tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to do a diagonally pieced sky using two different fabrics and looks at some different stitching options. It is not a definitive lesson on what you must do to create this quilt but rather something that will help you set you off and give you different options to follow.


                            landscape quilting tutorial

Naturally I have used had painted fabric, but any fabric can be used.
I am not going to give sizes. Make it any size you wish.
The only thing to remember is that you need  two pieces of sky fabric exactly the same size.
one strip of sea fabric
one strip of sand fabric
a selection of scraps for the beach huts

Piecing the background

landscape quilting tutorial

Right sides of fabric both facing up, place them one on top of the other.

landscape quilting tutorial

Using a ruler and rotary cutter, slice diagonally through the two layers of fabric.

landscape quilting tutorial

Move your cuts out from the inner corner to the outer corner in increments just remembering to make them wide enough to allow for the seam allowances which will come later.

landscape quilting tutorial

Now alternate the pieces of fabric like shown.

                            landscape quilting tutorial
When stitched together it will look like this.
But can then be trimmed to look like this.

                            landscape quilting tutorial

Those observant among you will notice that this one is the sister of the previous one as you get two for the price of one with this method.

landscape quilting tutorial

Now add your sea and sand strips, in whichever order you like.

landscape quilting tutorial

Here the sea is behind the huts,

landscape quilting tutorial

and here it is in front of them.


susan said...

As per usual with your work - I love it!

liniecat said...

Oh wow, thank you! I will def try this sky technique. Such great colours here and its sucha fun looking piece too

Tessa said...

I love this. Having just finished a Beach Huts quilt myself and come across one other, I started hunting out others, yours is really gorgeous.
If you are interested, I'm creating a list on http://firstquiltsteps.blogspot.com/
Now I'm thinking can I justify another one?