Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thinking of Sunflowers

Snuggled in the far corner at the back of the house away from the sea winds I have managed to grow a sunflower. No mean feat I can tell you.

landscape quilting tutorial

I have also been thinking of sunflowers in my stitching.

art quilting

Using one of my Solitary Sunflower kits I have put together a little wall hanging using up some scraps.

art quilting

Here is the original with simple straight line stitching around the edge of the applique shapes, but I wanted to try something different.

Beginning with the leaves....

art quilting

I have dropped the feed dogs and put on my darning foot to do some free motion stitching, but I have set the machine to a narrow open zig zag. This is a great stitch to practise free motion because the needle is going from side to side which means it is not running away from you gives you more control.

art quilting

I have used a variegated thread and gone around the edges twice.

art quilting

Same for the petals.....

art quilting tutorial

Here are some more sunflower that have been intensively stitched.

art quilt patterns for saleart quilting tutorials

art quilting tutorial

Sunflower applique template pattern available to download here and from my other online shops.
Happy Stitching!

art quilt tutorials


  1. Love the stitching... if only my Juki had a zig zag, my life would be so much easier. I'm always too lazy to switch mid-stream.

    But you're encouraging me not to be lazy in this matter... :)

  2. What a great idea to use the zig zag as a practise stitch for free motion!Must try that, my free motion gets abit frenetic after a while and falls off plot lol Fabulous sun flowers and blue blue skies.....yummy

  3. Your sunflowers are looking very nice :-)
    Thanks for the zig zag tip, I must try.

  4. These really made me smile tonight!! Gorgeous colours and stitching! I have tried free motion once but it was a disaster. I may try again one day!! Love the yellow and blue.


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