Sunday, 18 December 2011

And the Winner is......

I am running a little late with this so apolpogies, but the winner of the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party is.......

Number 62 Maria Kievit, who gets to pick a kit.
UPDATE. As a no reply blogger I cannot contact you Maria, so please email me with your address or I will have to choose a new winner.

art quilt kits for sale

The winner of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway is........

Number 75 Needled Mom who gets a selection of fabric packs.

hand painted fabric

Congratulations! I will be emailing you for your addresses.

The winners were chosen using the Random Generator thingy which I have just spent the last hour trying to show you here. I could spend the rest of Sunday trying but in the interest of speed and my sanity you will just have to take my word for it. (What is really annoying is that I have done it before, so any instructions would be greatly appreciated!)

Don't forget that there is still time to enter my third giveaway here which closes on Christmas Eve.

hand painted fabric


  1. Congratulations to the winner. I am like you with Mr Random. I have managed to put the photo on my blog before but I have no clue how. Sorry!

  2. Thank you for two great giveaways and congratulations to the lucky winners!

  3. Oh yeah!!!! I am so excited. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations to the winners!
    I just pick a name and post it, so no idea how to do anything else;)


  5. Congratulations winners - I hope you are inspired by your winnings and create masterpieces ;o)

  6. I have just rediscovered the Print Screen key on my keyboard and paste the image into Paint to chop off what I don't need. There are probably fancier ways to do it, but this works for just fine for me.

  7. Congratulations to all, happy sewing!


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