Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I like this.

I thought I would start what will hopefully turn out to be a regular feature by highlighting books and other art quilting resources that I have found particularly useful to my learning. Things that I genuinely own and use.

Back in October, over on my other blog, I shared with you Laurie Wisbrun's book The Complete Guide to Designing and Printing Fabric  to give it it's UK title/ Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design to give it it's US title.

designing and printing on fabric
My fabric is in this chapter!

Back then I said I would go into a bit more detail of what was between the covers and better late than never, here is a closer look.

designing and printing on fabric

I initially bought this book for obvious reasons, and did not know what to expect. Having owned it now for a couple of months I would recommend it, even if my fabric wasn't in it.
Anyone, who has any interest in dyeing, painting, printing or digitally designing their own fabric can benefit. It is a complete resource on all things creative, regarding fabric, and many of the tutorials could easily be applied to other crafts. 

designing and printing on fabric

Apart from the chapter headings that I have shown, there are also informative chapters on Understanding Patterns, Sourcing Inspiration and Designing patterns. There are interviews with leaders in the field such as the girls from Ink and Spindle and tutorials from Malka Dubrawsky (dyeing) and Jesse Breytenbach (block printing) to name but a few.

designing and printing on fabric

There are useful sections on using photoshop, scanning and digital designing, plus much more.

designing and printing on fabric

This book has already proved itself useful in a number of areas I and see it as an invaluable addition to my bookshelf.

art quilting


  1. I'll have to check it out! I wonder whether it'll have the US or UK title here... :)

  2. Oh there are some fantastic fabrics here - I must see if I can find it to play along


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