Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about my fabric painting.

What paint do you use?
My preferred choice of paint is Pebeo Setacolor.
I use both the Light and Opaque in my work.
I have no affiliation to this product and do not receive anything for recommending it.
I buy it wholesale and in bulk.
Sometimes I have small quantities to sell to others but these usually get snapped up at my workshops.

What fabric do you use?
I use 100% cotton for the fabric that I sell to others.
I do play around and paint on other types of fabric in my own work.
It is not always easy to find the right fabric for your needs and it takes trial and error to find one that suits your needs and your pockets.

Where can I buy the fabric that you use?
I buy my fabric wholesale and in bulk.
I don't recommend a seller as in my own experience the cotton that gets delivered is not always the same. I have had my fingers burned on more than one occasion. I don't want to be held responsible for anyone spending money and then not receiving the product they were expecting.

What colours do you use and how did you get that effect?
I work intuitively, mixing my own colours as I go.
The results are serendipitous, each piece one of a kind.
That is as clear as I can be.
Some of the techniques involved are given on my tutorial page. and covered in my book.

Over the years I have painted A LOT of pieces of fabric, not all successful, like everything it just takes practice.

Where do your workshops take place?
Presently I get invited by groups and guilds and I travel to teach.
Next year I am organising  my own workshops that are open to all.
If you would like to be informed when these will take place then please sign up for my Newsletter.

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