Friday, 1 March 2013

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi and a Giveaway!

or Happy Saint David's Day, if you are a non Welsh speaking girl from Cardiff!

dim siarad Cymraeg

Showing an older piece today as it is nose to the grindstone here as I prepare for The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show. I have no idea what to expect from this show but I do know that the (new) powers that be at Twisted Thread are giving this one a bit of a revamp and a boost. Still taking place in Olympia. London, but in a different more modern hall and with lots of new features. Including a Quilters in Action (where I will be) and quilts just like at the Festival of Quilts.

dim siarad Cymraeg

Would you like to attend? I would love to see you there.
I have got six tickets to giveaway and I have been giving some thought to how to do this. My first thought was three pairs of two, but then I know that so many of you belong to groups and guilds and would love to go as a group. I have decided that first name out of the hat gets offered all six, but if they only need/want a pair then the next name out of the hat gets offered the remaining ticket. Sound okay? 

dim siarad Cymraeg

Obviously this giveaway is restricted to those of you who are able to get to London around 14th -17th March, so I am thinking mainly U.K. readers, but some of you international readers out there might have a private jet you can utilize, or more realistically you may coincidentally be in the U.K. on those dates!!

Anyway all welcome. Just leave a comment to enter.
Winners announced Tuesday 5th March.
Update: I know I have readers who don't blog etc, if you send me an email I will also put your name into the hat!


  1. What a great opportunity for someone, or indeed someones. And if it happens to be your birthday in march was a fabulous pressing. Good luck to any who come after me x

  2. Darn, my jet is in the jet repair shop so I won't be able to attend. Oh well, August is not that far away..
    Have fun with your preparations

  3. And Happy St. David's day to you too Deb. Great minds and all that. I have also posted an old picture on my blog this morning in honour of St. David. My Welsh Babes are having an airing today. Good luck with the knitting & stitching show. Hope you are worked off your feet there;)

  4. Hia babe, Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus. Maybe this would be a good boost not done anything stitchy for ages :( missing it all and you all.

  5. I can't make it, but if I win ... I will re-gift to my sister in law Di who lives in London.

  6. Unfortunately I am not free that weekend. Shame, would have loved to have seen you and the rest of the show. Love the red and black you picture here.

  7. oh wow! I love that little quilt! So simple yet powerful! Kinda Amish-y too.


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