Thursday, 21 March 2013

London Baby!!

There were some interesting characters wandering around the halls at Olympia last week

After some investigation I discovered that they were part of The Garden of England showcase, highlighting new work from Alice Kettle.

I would loved to have sat down and crocheted  flowers made from recycled plastic bags with these ladies!

Now I am taking a bit of time to rest and recuperate. I had forgotten how wonderful and exhausting London is. After the first morning of experiencing the rush hour tube crush again, I took to the car and impressed my 18 year old with my London driving skills. Some things you never lose!


  1. I cannot imagine driving in that kind of traffic, lol.
    Love those outfits and looks like fun.


  2. Very interesting - that's the second time in the last few weeks I've heard about crocheting with plastic bags.
    And it looks like it was well worth going just to see what's occuring!

  3. How fun! I am sure you've returned with so many impressions and inspiration! You are a more brave woman than me, driving in London...

  4. Driving in London?! I am impressed too. Glad it was a good time, and don't those ladies look fascinating.

  5. Hope you had a productive and lucrative time there Debra.
    Im on a coach to NEC tomorrow.......which might be more winter wonderland nightmare if the snow spreads lol


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