Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Too Much?

 I have been playing with my soldering iron and some synthetics.

Adding a lot of machine stitching.

Plus a a little bit of glitz!

I always like to do an alternate version of my kits and this one has been in my head for such a long time and I just needed to get it done. Even though I am retiring this design.
I really feel that I need to learn to edit myself. I don't have to do everything I think of!
Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?
Sunset Tree available here and here until they are gone!


  1. No, we do need to do everything we think of. Really - it festers otherwise. And I love the over the top version too. Nice to play and make something pretty.

  2. beauty!!!! love the larger version!

  3. I like both versions, since it would all depend on what room you wanted to make it for, a bold art look or a softer subdued feel. I want to do it all, I really do but that isn't going to happen in my lifetime, lol.


  4. I did, but BSP is really good at saying "Okay stop now!" and I'm much better at listening!

  5. I try to do everything I think of, result: I get very little done! I know I should be more focused, so hard to do with so many ideas and inspirations around! I think this is a very common problem :-)

  6. Lovely design!! I love the mixed media you used on this project!! Hugs