Monday, 15 April 2013


With apologies to those that are not here in the U.K./interested/available etc, this week my posts are are all going to be about self promotion.
I have three big events coming up and I have to do my bit to advertise them.
This doesn't come easy to me to be honest but I hope you will bear with me as I try and entice you to come and join me at one of these events this year.

First up is my Stitching Showcase class that will be taking place at The Quilt Association which is based in the Minerva Arts Centre in Mid Wales. This is a recent booking and the class is taking place next month on Monday May 20th.
Basically I will be demonstrating the various ways that I add motifs, design elements and stitching details to fabric, all of which can be put together into one lovely wall hanging.
All details can be found here.

Next time I will be telling about the workshop that I am doing at this year's Festival of Quilts!!!!


  1. I enjoy hearing about the shows you are doing, even though I am too far to attend.


  2. I sooo wish an ocean did not separate us..or I would totally be there:):)

  3. oh sounds fab!! looking forward to hearing what is next x

  4. Wishing you every success, if I only could, I certainly would join you!

  5. We are really looking forward to seeing you!


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