Friday, 12 July 2013


hand dyed fabric

Following on from my last post, you can see that it has just been more of the same.

hand dyed fabric

I did have some stitching images to share, but before I got around to downloading them to the computer from my phone, said phone underwent a major change.

hand dyed fabric

It went under the wheel of our car!!!
Learn from my mistake. Do not leave your phone on your lap while travelling! Put it back in your bag! Or like me you will forget that it is there, and when you get out to open the gates to your drive it will fall to the floor and your husband will drive straight over it!

hand dyed fabric

...and all the photos you took for planned blog posts will be lost :(

art quilting


  1. These are lovely - I really need to start doing more painting - and get my teen to help. gosh they are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful shades and variations in the colors.
    I got a guarantee with my phone and hopefully I won't crush it, lol.


  3. LOL! I don't know who to feel sorrier for - you, your phone, or your husband! these photos are lovely anyway, and I have a question - although I could probably never afford the shipping from 'across the pond', have you ever considered selling bags of remnants/scraps of your gorgeous painted fabrics? Just an idea.........


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