Friday, 2 August 2013

Next step

stamping on fabric

I have been carving stamps!
This is not lino but neither is it a soft sculpt type of thing, but the last time I made one of these I gave myself a repetitive strain injury!!
I must have improved my technique because I found it easier this time and quite enjoyed the process.

stamping on fabric

These are some practice stamps (excuse the rubbish blurry photos) and that is all you will be getting for now because the quilt top and these stamps are all part of my preparation for next weeks Festival of Quilts.
So if you are going to be at the show you can swing by my booth Quilting In Action  Booth 23, and watch as I attempt  skillfully stamp over it.
If you are not going to be there you can follow my progress on instagram. In true split personality mode I have started an instagram account for quiltroutes and  thebluehare. Although I am very late to this party and becoming slightly obsessed, it suit as I am much more about images than words and it is super quick to see what others are up to as well as sharing what I am doing.
See you on the other side :)

art quilting

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