Thursday, 26 September 2013


art quilt

This is an old piece done back in 2010.
It was done after a stamping play date with my fellow art quilt group Serge Ahead.
I took my inspiration from the Canadian Geese that had started to return to the Estuary at that time, hence the name of the piece.

art quilt

It is that time of year again. In fact the geese have been building in numbers for quite a few weeks now.
It is bittersweet because it is always lovely to see them. They fly over us in the evenings as they make their way up to the fields behind our house. Honking as they go. I love it.

art quilt

If I time it right in the morning, as I walk the dog along the river I see them coming back down from the fields to spend the day on the water. I don't possess a fancy camera but I did manage to video this little snippet of them honking past me the other morning on my phone.
I think I am going to rename this piece' Bittersweet' because that is how it feels at the moment.

The background fabric was a mop up cloth. They are always the best don't you find?
The leaves were done with a handmade stamp.
The geese were transfer painted onto voile, mistakenly using dark green paint instead of black:) but never mind.
Machine and hand stitched.

art quilting

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  1. I love how you mixed stitching with raised fabrics, nice effect.
    We have geese that fly back and forth during the seasons, so it should be getting noisy soon.