Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Balkan Puzzle Block ...stitched.

quilt block

I decided to use this test out the Madeira Lana Wool that I purchased a while ago.. I have used it for hand stitching, but not in the machine, so I thought I would give it a try.

quilting lines

Here is a close up of the centre square. Quite liking the texture this gives but you need to stitch slowly to stop any shredding and there were some messy bits on the back, but I probably need a different  needle and bobbin thread.

quilt block

Took the time to finish this off with a proper binding.

**This is part of my own personal challenge to create and learn a bit more about traditional quilt blocks while adding my own twist, as described here. I am following the free Block of the Month classes on Craftsy as my guide


  1. I like your version, gorgeous stitching and design.


  2. I like your leaf motifs in the triangles.

  3. It's lovely, great colours, as always :-)