Thursday, 19 December 2013

Painted Fabric.

hand dyed fabric

To prove that the teacher learns from the pupil.
I have painted a lot of sunset fabrics but it took a student to show me that these could also be a snow covered landscape as the sun goes down.

landscape quilting

Plus: Just in case you don't follow my other blog :D

Art Quilting Studio

Art Quilting Studio

Art Quilting Studio

I am thrilled :)

art quilting


  1. I love that magazine, congratulations! I used to buy it at Joann Fabrics with a 40% off coupon, but you can't use them anymore for magazines, so I passed it by this time because it costs around $15.00 per issue (too expensive for me)! Now I'll have to read your article while I'm in the store!

  2. just to let you know I read your blog often although I rarely comment.
    Seasons Greetings

  3. Beautiful piece and a nice way to use the fabric. I would think the mountains out west would have that effect in the winter.