Monday, 30 June 2014

Still Life Surface Design

Surface Design Workshop from Quilt Routes

I am teaching two 90 minute workshops at this years Festival of Quilts.
The workshop is about playing and having a bit of fun. Experimenting with paint and getting ideas.

Surface Design Workshop from Quilt Routes

The good news for me is that the workshops are just about sold out, but there is one space left on the Friday and two spaces left on the Saturday. Details here on the Festival of Quilts website.

I did a run through with some friends to check on timings and here is Michelle's finished piece, done in a really unique way.

Still Life Surface Design

Quilt Routes


  1. Beautiful piece and love the shades. I have been slacking off this week and now it is getting hotter, so good days to sit in my sewing room with the air on, and practice on some art pieces.


  2. Thanks Deborah for an enjoyable and inspiring workshop at FoQ on Friday. I'll be in touch about an interview for Talking Quilts in the next few days, if you have time have a look at the QG website for info about the project.

    1. Thank you Liz. Lovely to see you there. Speak to you soon.