Friday, 7 November 2014

fabric friday and some updates

hand painted fabric @Quilt Routes

Today I am busy putting together some fabric kits for a workshop that I am teaching at Busy Bees tomorrow, so it's a Fabric Friday with a bit of a difference today.
I know that things have been a bit quiet here as I have had a busy few months of teaching, which is wonderful, but it does take it's toll on the ol' blogging.
I do have lots of ideas swirling around and I am looking forward to some down time so that these ideas can sort themselves out and hopefully manifest themselves into some pleasing and interesting posts. 
I plan to resume my Alternative Trip Around the Block series. Remember that? Plus a few tutorials that I hope you will like.
I haven't been totally idle as I have been producing my Journal Quilts for the Contemporary Group, making some small stitched pieces and I have been critiquing my working practices when trying to produce an Art Quilt.

Quilt Routes

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  1. Those are beautiful fabrics, can't wait to see what your class does with them.