Tuesday, 30 December 2014

...and as we head into 2015!

landscape Quliting @QuiltRoutes

It has been a funny couple of weeks, ever since learning about the EU VAT mess. Trying to decide how to proceed. Digital downloads are only a part of what I do and my heart goes out to those whose whole business is dependent on digital items.
There is a wonderful group of people here in the UK who are working really hard on everyone's behalf and have already made some progress. I have been doing my bit. I have even joined Twitter (@QuiltRoutes) which is something I never thought I would do, but that does seem the platform to use if you want to protest about something!

Landscape Quilting @QuiltRoutes

My solution is to stop selling digital patterns on Craftsy, Etsy and Folksy. I will be using the Payhip platform which will be compliant and allow me to carry on creating without the hassle of worrying about data collection etc.

Paper patterns, fabric and kits will still be available from Etsy and Folksy.(Until it gets introduced to physical items next year!!)

All of this could change if the powers to be have the sense to introduce a threshold for small sellers.
Lets hope so.

On a positive note I think all of this will make me focus more, help to get me more organised and push forward with other designs that have sat in the pipeline for far too long.

As I write this I have only uploaded one pattern which I share here.

What do you think?
Happy New Year and all that :D

Quilt Routes


  1. Love the new pattern, nice piece and a nice design to break into art quilting.
    I really need to read this new vat thing, I do sell epatterns, but on ecrater, so not sure what that means for me.


  2. I'm actually moving to Etsy from Craftsy as a result of this because HMRC say it's fine now (according to their latest statement) to email the files over so I will set up physical goods listings. My plan for tonight.