Friday, 3 April 2015

a very wordy fabric friday!

I am trying something new.
Certain fabrics that I paint are very popular which is a good thing.
However, these popular fabric tend to go quickly at workshops and talks which means that my online shops get neglected. So I have created new listings for summer, sunset and night sky fabric that are quick and easy to list (for me) and means that for those that want them they will always be able to get these particular fabrics.

It will be great for someone who perhaps would like a pale summer sky, one that is not going to dominate the whole of the piece that they are working on, and one that I would never normally put online because the truth is, the paler skies while perfectly lovely in the flesh don't photograph very well. If you only knew of the hours I spend trying to get the image to reflect the true colour of the fabric, especially with the paler and darker pieces such as these!

Perhaps intense, in your face skies are just what you are after, and that is catered for too!
Available in my Etsy and Folksy shops now.

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  1. Oh, I believe you, it is so hard to get the true colour, specially indoors.
    You are tempting us with some beautiful fabrics :-)
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Beautiful shades and I do enjoy hand dyes with sky and ground colors to use as background fabrics.



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