Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Journal Quilts Review.

landscape mini quilts

As I begin to get to grips with the Journal Quilt Challenge for 2016, better late than never.
I thought you might like to know about my feelings on last year's challenge. The requirements for 2015 were for pieces 6 x 12 inches, landscape or portrait format which had to be followed all the way through. I opted for a landscape theme in a portrait form.

July, August, September 2015

In order to save time I decided to make four long pieces that would be split into three, giving me the twelve that I needed to complete the challenge. Jan -June can be seen here.

landscape mini quilts
October, November, December 2015

A good idea in theory but in practice I soon learnt that I had tried to be too clever because although the idea of splitting the pieces up was okay, I hadn't given enough thought to what those pieces were about.  I chose to do a subject that I was familiar with and that didn't give me any technical challenges. I knew exactly what I was doing because I had done very similar pieces before.
The result of this was that I got bored very early on and found it a chore to complete all pieces.
Lesson learnt!

landscape mini quilts

This hadn't happened to me the year before as I was playing and trying something new. 
(If you followed the link I gave at the top of this post you can see what I did in 2014.)

So as I get into the JQ's for 2016 I have set myself a new challenge. At the moment I am struggling and wondering if I have chosen well but time will tell and I suppose that it the whole point of the exercise. More to come!

Quilt Routes


  1. They are all beautiful and always love your use of color and the simplicity of the pieces, very calming.


  2. Bored or not they worked very well. I shall look forward to seeing where your struggles take you this year. I was going to join in this time but somehow havn't.

  3. I know that awful feeling of slogging through with a project you've fallen out of love takes real discipline to get it done and not just put it to the side....the results are really beautiful, and I'm glad you stuck with it. The pieces do reflect a wonderful calmness (nobody has to know it was actually boredom!!! lol)

  4. Your boring chore resulted in stunning beauty.