Wednesday, 31 October 2018

October Journal Quilt

Looking at this image now the thought 'What was I thinking?' comes to mind. Bearing in mind that this close up shows up the details in a way that the naked eye couldn't see I decided that this floral offering for October was too blah and needed a bit of brightening up. I will let you judge the results!

I set to with a number or colours in pencil and crayon without much success.

I don't really think that my efforts were worth  my while but the whole point of these journal quilts is to use the opportunity to play and experiment.

Having tried this sort of thing before on other pieces that I haven't needed to share, what I have learnt is not to do this again! LOL!

I actually prefer the subtlety of the back and wondering if I can submit this side to the group's October album?

Until next time...

Quilt Routes


  1. I love your machine quilting, it must take a lot of patience
    and (I know..) practice :-) I should really learn to do this properly...

    1. Thank you Radka. I appreciate you finding a positive in this :) You are correct in that practice makes perfect but you also need the desire and I think the work you do is already beautiful.