Friday, 15 February 2013

I surprised myself... managing to turn these, began earlier in the week, into decorative cushions.
After free motion stitching in a spiral from the centre, I felt it needed a bit more so I added some flowers to each block.

The stitching can be seen better from the back.

 The finished cushion has added tassels and painted flowers.

I practiced stitching in circles on this one.

The process for painting these began here.

Linking up with Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday!


  1. These are beautiful!! I really like the quilting on them.

  2. They turned out great!!! I really like the flower one..and the way you highlighted the flowers !!! Awesome!! Hugs

  3. Wonderful .......the flowers really do bring it to life.

  4. I really love how those turned out, beautiful designs and beautiful pillows.


  5. Oh my goodness - these are both so beautiful! I think the flowers add the perfect touch to the first one. The fabric on the second is fab.

  6. Hi Deborah! Your new pillows are fantastic, beautiful and exiting! x Teje

  7. The pillows are great, but I kept thinking what a wonderful purse these would make also. Beautiful.

  8. Popped over from Nina Marie's blog to see your really cool pillows with cool stitching. I especially like the colors.
    best, nadia

  9. Great process. These look wonderful! I am also doing some painting, stamping and quilting. Fun, isn't it?

  10. Deborah these are fabulous!!!

  11. I love the cushions in both posts!


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