Tuesday, 12 February 2013

More Playing!

Stamping on some blocks that have been hanging around here for far too long.

The stamp was made from a Styrofoam pizza base. Not a lover of Styrofoam as a concept but when it can be put to a use such as this....

This block had one layer done in a pale grey, before adding a bold stamp of dark.

I am planning to turn these into some small cushions.

Well that is the plan...don't hold your breathe...
At the moment I am finding the painting fast and enjoyable ...not so much the stitching ...family life creates far too many interruptions ...not complaining ...just saying :)

One of those interruptions was my baby girl turning 18 last Friday!!!
Note to self....wait for the cake to cool before adding the chocolate cream filling!!!
I can normally make a mean sponge cake so why when it counts did this one turn out so bad?
It tasted okay though and as I  explained to the birthday girl, it was made with love:)


  1. I love the effect you're getting with those pizza base stamps and the cake looks delicious :)

  2. You know what though, I thought that cake was supposed to be like that - part cake part fondue. You may have created a new trend, and it does look incredibly yummy. I love the layers with the stamping, adding in the darker grey made a huge difference.

  3. I really like how the design prints look, nice idea for pillows too. The cake looks yummy though.


  4. Light bulb moment here.....circular prints from pizza trays, yay! They look great too.

  5. Awesome project!!! But..the ooey goey desert looks super yummy...im drooling here:):)

  6. Love this stamping it looks great and so did the cake yummy x

  7. Love this stamping it looks great and so did the cake yummy x

  8. Love your stamping with stryofoam. And that dessert - looked beautiful and yummy to me.