Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Paint Effects Tutorial-Salted

This effect is so easy to create and yet so effective. It is one of my favourite.

fabric painting tutorial

No need to show step by step instructions. You simply paint your fabric, immediately sprinkle with salt and allow to dry. As simple as that.
Of course there are lots of factors that will determine the final outcome.
The type of salt used is one. Experiment with table salt, sea salt, rock salt, and dishwasher salt.
Drying temperature will effect how fast the piece dries, and by that, effect how much time the salt has to work it's magic.
The wetness of the fabric will also have an effect.
Now the thing to remember is to brush off the salt and heat set the paint BEFORE rinsing out the fabric to get rid of  any salty residue.
Here are some I completed earlier!

fabric painting tutorial

fabric painting blog


  1. Love these effects, Lorna McLelland pointed me in your direction and I have really enjoyed the tour both here and in flickr, I will put a link on my blog too,www.2smart-clothencounters.blogspot.com Sheila

  2. This is a favourite of mine, using the salt you get such great results and these are wonderful.