Friday, 23 March 2012

The Prayer Flag Project

I have been a contributor to The Prayer Flag Project since October last year. This week I posted a couple of Creative Courage flags, which I want to share with you here.

prayer flags

I began with some pieces of  hand dyed fabric and cut them to size. These are 16 x 5 inches.

prayer flags

These will be folded over to make a pocket from which to hang them. I like to make mine double so that the back covers up any unsightly stitching. 

making a prayer flag

Next I decorate the fabric with stencilling and stamping.

making a prayer flag

I added some birds and stitched in my theme.

how to make a prayer flag

The Prayer Flag Project is open to any one. It is about sending out wishes, giving thanks, commemorating a  friend, a loved one, or an event. It is about giving support to those near and far.

prayer flags
see the running stitch along the top to join the two sides

It is also about celebrating ones creativity in a positive way. The flags can be a simple or as elaborate
as you would care to make them.
Why not join in?
There are more details on the blog or you can email me your photos for inclusion.
You can also find more of my prayer flags here.
Wishing you all some Creative Courage this weekend!

art quilting

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