Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Seaside Home

Seaside Home by C&T Publishing

Seaside Home, a photo by C&T Publishing on Flickr.

Carrying on from yesterday's Seaside theme (it wasn't planned) I have just discovered that this book is now available.
It seems like an age since I was contacted by C&T publishing to submit my Pebble Stack design for inclusion.
Well, it is now available, and today there is a giveaway going on over on the Stash Books blog ...where you can see a piciture of my design...with my name......on a C&T publishing blog...I am so thrilled!
Stay tuned because I will be having a giveaway here soon!

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  1. Oh perfect - we've an Undersea challenge at our quilt guild this year
    Congratulations again on being published, it's well deserved.

  2. That must be the best feeling in the world, seeing your work and your name in there. Congratulations!!

  3. The book looks great, I entered the giveaway but put it on my wish list on the off chance:) Congrats on the inclusion.

  4. Found you by accident and love your work -sky fabrics gorgeous! -and Borneo too..... I live by the 'other' seaside (near Whitby) and also have happy memories of long evening walks by the south china sea and hornbills in the garden.....


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