Monday, 16 July 2012

Almost done

art quilting

As boring as it is to show pictures of white fabric with white stitching, that is what you are going to get here today :)
Apart from some very small bits, which I may or may not try to use at some point in the future, all that is left in the scrap bag are some pieces of white/off white.
A discussion of the wonderful work of June C Barnes and her Stitching To Dye technique while at my Art Quilt group last week, brought me to the thought of trying something similar here, but with paint instead of dye, of course.

art quilting

So here is the piece all stitched up and ready to go. At this point I have no idea how it will turn out or what approach I am going to take. Neat or diluted paint/Pre wet or not/One colour or more...
Decisions, decisions!!

art quilting

P.S. The stitching was based on this done previously


  1. oh so funny - I love this just as it is, and I was thinking "this is going to be gorgeous" - and then I continue reading and see you're going to do what I've been doing lately in all my art pieces - preparing the background, quilting, then painting over it! (Of course, I don't start with WHITE fabric because, that would smart! ;))

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I'm liking the look of this - can't wait to see more

  3. Looking good - what a transformation - looking forward to the next picture.

  4. Is there already some colour on it?? or does that come from the stitching? looking forward to the next post, I'm intrigued!


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