Friday, 20 July 2012

I did it My Way!

I don't know why that certain song is going through my head as I put this post together but these are the facts:

From one small bag of scraps (measuring approx. 8 x 12 inches) I have made 14 things!
Six art pieces
One journal cover
One coaster
One scrappy heart
One prayer flag
One tassle
One machine wrapped cord
Two questionable canvases (counted as one)
One 'Stitch Then Paint' sample ...there might be more of these, there might not :)

To see all the step by step posts that show the details click here.

scrap busting

1. the bag, 2. the scraps, 3. Teasel, 4. finished, 5. Embellished #2, 6. embellished background III, 7. Untitled, 8. Play, 9. making tassles, 10. making machine wrapped cords, 11. making coasters, 12. scrappy journal cover, 13. my scrappy heart, 14. Another scrap bag project, 15. covering canvas, 16. stitch and paint

I don't really know what compelled me to begin this but I have to say that I have got a lot more from it than I was expecting.
You are probably like me in that you have an idea in mind of what you want to make, and then set about it. You probably have to make a few purchases in order to do that too!

With this it was different. I looked at what I had FIRST, and before I had any idea what it would become, I set about creating a background or structure.

I then let what I had speak to me (Sorry for sounding a bit 'airy fairy'. That's not really me but I can't think of another way to put it:)
I also went to my sketchbooks and doodlings to give me ideas. Sometimes it was an object I had in the house. The wooden lizard that has been languishing in the attic for a while would probably still be there if the background I had made hadn't reminded be of the Red Centre of Australia.

art quilting

I would probably never done a piece on a teasel, even though I had done a sketch of one at least three years ago.

art quilting

I have added new quilting stitches and techniques to my repertoire.
I have reinforced the fact that I love my embellisher machine. I thought I was being extremely extravagant when I purchased it but I now realise that it is an important part of my Art Quilting arsenal. 

art quilting

I enjoyed 'using' my sketchbooks again.
I have a few bits and pieces to use in future projects.
Doing this has left with me with lots of directions to go in, and lots of ideas for more projects.


An added bonus is that I have also been asked to talk about this at a Quilter's Guild meeting in the Autumn.
I am thinking of calling it "Tales from the Scrap Bag" ...but I am open to any better suggestions!

Thank you everyone who has followed me with this over the last couple of months and special thank you to all those that left such lovely comments about the projects. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Now off you go and bust out one of your scrap bags/boxes/piles/mountains :)

To see all the step by step posts that show the details click here.

art quilting


  1. Brilliant varied combination of items to have made from one bag of scraps. Since so many of my quilts seem to be made from 'scraps' I will sit here and ignore your instructions to go and bust them. ;-)

  2. "Tales from a scrap bag" - sounds perfect to me !! Great project, lovely pieces - and an empty scrap bag. Congratulations (and more congrats to that speaking deal !!!)

  3. It seems that I was more creative when I had less to work with, it made me think more;) I did that when I did wood carving, look at the wood until I saw something emerging, now I need to learn to do that with my fabrics.


  4. Tales from a Scrap Bag is perfect!
    I've really enjoyed following your exploits!! Thanks

  5. A real Scrappy Result lol brill :)

  6. Well done indeed, and a fun process to watch!

  7. I have enjoyed each and every have done an awesome job!! I like to do the same thing....when I buy fabric to make a project..I will keep using the left overs in different little projects until it is all gone. Want not, Waste not :O) hugs

  8. This VERY inspiring. I can't even count the number of scrap bags I have. Maybe I'll actually do something with them now. This would also be a good challenge for any quilting group.


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