Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Coiled Fabric Wrapped Bowl.

I have finally got around to using up some of the fabric selvedge pile, first mentioned here.
I am loving the way the differences in "black" show themselves when they are all put together.
You are only seeing it from this angle because I am not overly happy with the finish, but that will be rectified when I find some nice black beads to embellish/cover up with.
My plan is to put together a big rainbow one with all the other colour strips. This technique really eats them up quickly which is good as I am on a mission to USE STUFF UP!!!

Just type 'coiled fabric wrapped basket/bowl' into your search engine if you fancy making one.


  1. Oh yea. I actually bought a book and the cording to do this. Yet another undone project to feel guilty about.

  2. I like how yours came out and the fabric colors in it, something I have wanted to try.


  3. it looks great! ive only done small ones, need to try bigger :) how wide were your strips?

  4. I have been making these bowls with my leftover strips for a few years now, they are a lot of fun! I noticed the ad for the Isle of Wight retreats, sounds like a good one. My daughter lives in Little Hampton, so I think that the next time I fly to England for a visit I might see if I can do a retreat as well!

  5. That is so cool! Black isn't just black, is it. It's everything from dark blue to purples to grey, especially when you look at them next to true black.

  6. Its turned out great. I have a book of 'how to' as well........but thats as far as Ive got!!