Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Stitching Showcase

A big thank you to Georgina at The Quilt Association, for inviting me to teach at The Minerva Arts Centre yesterday. I taught Stitching Showcase and had a lovely time.
It was a two and a half hour drive, one way, into the heart of Wales, but any day that I get to drive through the Brecon Beacons is a good day in my book.
(if you follow the last link you can see the new look Flickr, that seems to be causing a lot of upset at the moment. If you happen to be a non Pro member I would love to know what you think of the Ads... before I make any changes to my subscription)


  1. Lovely stitching Deborah! :)

    I haven't been to Flickr in ages so I don't know what's happening - and I just got an (old) email from my yahoo account which I never check, saying that my "Pro" subscription was about to end (it was dated sometime in March. Oops!) I'll have to check and see what the dealio is.


  2. Love the stitching and the textures in the fabrics, looks like a great class.


  3. Beautiful work Deborah. I had been hearing about the new look Flickr but hadn't visited till your link. I am not a Pro member so maybe can't give too much of a relavent comment. I didn't see any ads for the pages I looked at. As I understand it Flickr are now giving a terabyte of storage which sounds good to me. There seem to be a lot of changes going all round lately.

  4. We LOVED having you here Deborah - looking forward to the next time and I am so inspired that I am still stitching instead of doing housework!