Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bunting Quilt

bunting quilt

I have been waiting FOREVER for someone to send me a photo of their Birthday Bunting Quilt.
Well, just like waiting for a bus, two have come along at once!
I love them! I really like the "pretty in pink" one, but the use of sky fabric in the blue one really makes the it look like the flags are fluttering in the breeze.
Thank you so much Janice Taylor for taking the time to share these.
Janice tells me that she did these blocks assembly style and that they came together quickly!

If you fancy having a bash at this the blocks are free to download from my Craftsy Pattern shop.

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  1. That is a fun design and I do like the blue one myself.
    Also a fun idea to add messages or words in each bunting.


  2. I'm a friend of Janice's and I can tell you she always does marvelous work! She hasn't been quilting long, but she has a natural knack for it and has excelled in a very short time. I know she appreciates you posting about her quilts!!


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