Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lilac Tulips

hand applique

Lilac tulips! 
Not sure if you can get a lilac tulip but here they are. One of my few attempts at needle turned applique to accompany the one done in my earlier post.

hand applique

Oh, how little I knew!

That bulk where all the stems cross is shocking :D
I will admit to adding those patches of machine stitch was because I was totally fed up with the hand stitching and wanted to quickly fill up the space.

hand applique

However, I will not admit to adding the couched thread as a means hiding some badly matched points ;D

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  1. Very pretty. And so typical of their stems to curve like that . . . that is, should you be lucky enough to have enough tulips to bring in the house before the bunnies have lunch . . . :)

  2. We live and learn, that's half the fun :-)
    I must admit I am getting rather hooked on applique at the moment...

  3. I am horrible at doing points, lol. I love the stitching you did to enhance the piece, it really makes it unique and beautiful.


  4. Lovely Deborah and you certainly did a lot of extra hand stitching as embellishment which looks wonderful .