Friday, 23 January 2015

hand painted fabric friday -and another blast from the past!

hand painted fabric by Deborah O'Hare

What can I say. The weather is not inclining me to do much fabric painting at the moment.
It is too cold to venture out to my shed and things take so long to dry at the moment.

hand painted fabric by Deborah O'Hare

So today I present to you this Monet inspired trio of fabrics, as in Monet's Water Lilies inspired.
I know that these were painted quite a few years back and I remember them well because they were the first pieces that I sold to a real live person, as opposed to over the internet. I even remember who I sold them to.

hand painted fabric by Deborah O'Hare

When I pull out the paints next I need to do some more Monet inspired pieces!

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