Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Journal Quilts

Quilt Routes by Deborah O'Hare
2014 Journal Quilts
This is my second year of taking part in the Journal Quilt challenge set by the Contemporary Quilt arm of the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles. Last year I played with my Gelli Printing plate and explored abstraction. A closer look can be found here if you are interested :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the process last year, learning a lot. but this year I decided to keep it simpler and have put together some pieces that are more my style I suppose, but are alo in keeping with my plan to use up what I already have available.

Quilt Routes by Deborah O'Hare
Jan, Feb, Mar
This year's requirements were for pieces 6 x 12 inches. Landscape or Portrait format which has to be followed all the way through. I have opted for a landscape theme in a portrait form, if that is not too confusing, but I have cheated as you can see. 

Quilt Routes by Deborah O'Hare
Apr, May, Jun
Some of might think you have seen this before and I did base it on this piece...

Quilt Routes by Deborah O'Hare

...which came about after I took a look at creating backgrounds for landscape quilts all of which can be found in these posts.

Now to start planning for July, August and September! 

Thanks for being here!

Quilt Routes

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