Wednesday, 10 June 2015

working wednesday

Quilt Routes

Now matter what needs to be done my day always starts with a walk. I don't make it down to the beach as often as I would like these days as old Rosie dog is showing her age and finds it a struggle. Yesterday I couldn't resist though and it was slow progress but we made it .

Quilt Routes

I would like to call this colour coincidence as it sounds nice but, I think it has more to do with how our eye is drawn to colours.  After stitching this painted background on Sunday, my eye was drawn to photograph this on my walk on Monday morning.

This grows prolifically around here at this time of year. It has obviously working its way into my subconscious without me realizing.

A yahoo group that I belong to was full of mirth about this post from The Sewing Lawyer yesterday.
A long read but very amusing.

Thanks for being here!

Quilt Routes

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  1. The beach looks like a great place to start the day.
    I wanted to start going but now the season has started so no dogs on the public beaches, will have to hike the woods and go to that one with Bean.