Thursday, 12 July 2018

Join Me!

Quilt Routes

I am teaching Quick and Easy workshops again at the Festival of Quilts next month. 
For once I am ahead of the game with the kits. I am doing a Golden Hare this year, just to mix things up... NOW FULL.

Quilt Routes

...and a mini Poppy Field demonstrating how to create these poppies. NOW FULL.

Quilt Routes

For the Sunset kits I have provided strips of my hand painted fabric to create this mini scene and there is a pile of extra strips should anyone want to add a different look. 
Two out of the three class are full with a final one at 3.30 on Sunday still having a few spaces left. 
When I saw the timetable I knew this slot at a time at the end of the show when most people are beginning to think about going home was going to less popular but how about instead of rushing off you spend a nice hour, taking the weight off your feet, while I share tips for creating landscapes and and show you a number of my landscape pieces.
Oh and I will be wanting to giveaway all of those extra strips!
Hope to see you there!
Until next time...

Quilt Routes


  1. Oooohhhh I wish I could go. A couple of years ago, at Quilt Con in Savannah, I took a hand quilting workshop on Sunday. It really was a nice and peaceful way to wrap up what had been a four-day frenzy of activity. I hope I have an opportunity to take (at least) one of your workshops some time!

    1. That is what I am hoping people will think for this last class. Hopefully I will see you in a class some day :D


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