Sunday, 29 July 2018

July Journal Quilt

Quilt Routes

I really wasn't sure if I was going to make the deadline for this one.

Quilt Routes

I have just delivered the pieces that will be on display at The Quilt Association's Summer Exhibition, 'Welsh Connections'.  I had wanted it all to be new work but in the end I had to include some older pieces because after my little accident last year I simply lost the time that I was planning to spend on them. There will be photos eventually!

Quilt Routes

This JQ has been done on a piece of fabric that I painted with normal acrylic paint a long time ago and if memory serves me correctly I was just using up paint that was left over from something else and I wanted to see how they would feel on fabric. It feels good to finally put it to use.
Quilt Routes

It looks better vertically than the correct horizontal format but I am just pleased that I managed to get it done on time. Now I can get on with my final preparations for Festival of Quilts which is just over a week away.

Until next time...

Quilt Routes

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