Thursday, 30 January 2014

Embroidered Quilt Block

quilt block

The plan had been to reproduce the look of all those lovely art journal pages that use white, instead of the usual black, to add line and pattern.
It hasn't quite come off, but I think that is because the thread I have used is not thick enough to give the definition that I was after. I sort of knew this would be the case, but I am trying to use up stuff that I have had hanging around as opposed to buying MORE than I already have. This particular white is a poly on a cone that I purchased while living in Brunei over 15 years ago. Thread was so cheap to buy then and I have quite a few cones still, bought to use in my over-locker when making clothes for my daughter.

quilt block

My first thought was to hit it with some paint, but I didn't really want to obscure the fabric, so I added some black...

quilt block

...and then a bit more.

quilt block

This is not quilting but machine embroidery and I know that you might think that I have ruined a perfectly good string block, but there are lots of lovely string blocks out there, but only one like mine :D
Stay tuned for the edge finishing.

**This is part of my own personal challenge to create and learn a bit more about traditional quilt blocks while adding my own twist, as described here. I am following the free Block of the Month classes on Craftsy as my guide.

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  1. I love how you embroidered your block and I think it is a nice effect and like you said, a one of a kind.


  2. I'm also trying to use up what I have instead of buying anything new! And I don't think you've ruined your block, I love the stitching on it.

  3. the black did wonders for it, didn't it? and oh the glorious, delicious texture!!!! Keep going. I love what you've done with your quilting so far :)))

  4. A FAR more interesting string block! love the black central feature, it lifts the flower up and out.
    Gosh I flew in to Brunei many years ago when in the Raf..........wonder if Winston still stands saluting on his plinth today!!
    I wasn't interested in textiles, or threads back then.......such a tragedy looking back!!
    Lucky you to still have threads from there!

  5. I think the block looks very attractive and I'm thinking this would be an interesting way to practice machine quilting/embroidery that would result in something attractive and useful.

  6. Love this with the black stitching.

  7. I love how you show the transformation this block took as you continued to embellish it. I especially like the curly tendrils.


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