Saturday, 11 January 2014

Stitching Showcase Workshop

textile workshops

****This is a post for anyone that has signed up to do my Stitching Showcase workshop at Busy Bees next Saturday****
Despite the fact that shop was razed to the ground in a fire recently, the workshop is still going ahead at Duffryn Community Centre. The ladies need to know if you have signed up, as their workshop list went up in flames too!
You can contact them via their website or Facebook page, or contact me (email link at top of page) and I can give a telephone number. 
Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh how awful for them, hope all goes well for the workshop and that the clean up goes well after the fire.
    Hope no one was injured!
    We had an EYES meet today and they are hoping you will come next year and trying to decide on which workshop to request lol

  2. What a beautiful piece - I envy the participants of
    your Stitching Showcase workshop. Hope the shop can soon get back to running normally again.

  3. Amazed that things are going ahead after something like that. Hope everyone shows up for the workshop. I particularly love the bottom flowers.

  4. Wanted to say...I read your article in Art Quilting mag. Yeah!!! I know her!!! Loved it!! That is my goal this to get published in a magazine...any advice??? hugs- Sandie


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