Wednesday, 22 January 2014

String Block

quilt block

Continuing in with my A.T.A.B. (Alternative Trip Around the Block), the next technique on the list is Foundation Piecing. I am actually a big fan of foundation piecing. It really is the only way I personally can get any accuracy ,when it is needed :) and a luck would have it I already had these four blocks languishing away among my UFO'S.

quilt blocks

Well, the String Quilt was never going to happen so it is good to find a use for this.
I foundation pieced it using the Freezer Paper Method. I like this method because it saves on ripping out papers, it is how I did my Birthday Bunting Quilt. It can be slightly less accurate than pure paper piecing but I did all four of these blocks using the same bit of freezer paper. ..and they were exactly the correct size needed for this block!
If you Google "freezer paper piecing" there are lots of tutorials out there if you wish to give it a go.
Next to quilt it?

**This is part of my own personal challenge to create and learn a bit more about traditional quilt blocks while adding my own twist, as described here. I am following the free Block of the Month classes on Craftsy as my guide


  1. I really love the look of string quilts, and a great way to use up scraps. I also like using scraps that are off sized and just putting them together, so another project to do someday and use up some scraps.


  2. I love string quilts and it is on my long list of someday quilts . I love your blocks .